About Rosy Rosie

Hello and thank you so much for visiting Rosy Rosie!

I’m Rowena* and I set up Rosy Rosie a few years ago thanks to a suggestion by a supportive husband and the enthusiasm of two small daughters.

As a parent, multiple Godparent and friend to lots of people with (lots of) children, I was always on the look out for fun, funky, good quality and cost effective presents, my criteria always being ‘would I like to receive this?!’

Then I realised that I also wanted products that have a decent ethical and sustainable provenance and ideally were made here in the UK or at least supplied by UK companies who supported community projects in the countries they operated. We now have a lovely range of suppliers including Best Years (Pebble Child) Buttonbag, Carddies, Crayon Rocks, Cuckoo (Ecoboo), Green Toys, History Heroes, Inch Blue, Lanka Kade, Lottie Nottie, oskar&ellen, Pigeon Baby (was Organics for Kids), Piccalilly, Plan Toys, Primary Products (EverEarth), Powell Craft and Toby Tiger.

Sometimes – as with the candles – it was easier to become my own supplier and sometimes I found local talent as with Handmade by Jane, graphic artist Steve Williams, Amy at the Velvet Mutineer, Kelle at With Love Crafts and Martha at Love Give Ink.  As we grow I hope to source more local designer/makers with top quality and ‘not on the high street’ products.

I started by taking pitches at various fairs, fetes and artisan markets and was really encouraged and touched by the warm welcome the stall and all my products received from customers. Soon, I realised the constant question, “Do you have a website?” needed addressing and so www.rosyrosie.com was created. Now, as well the website and being 'regulars' at various markets/events we also wholesale our own handmade scented soy wax candles to lovely independent British businesses.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site and find lots of gifts for others and yourself! Please feel free to tell all your friends and family about Rosy Rosie; perhaps even look at the Events page and come and say hello or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram! You can also sign up to our Newsletter (via the homepage or via Facebook) and be the first to receive news, views and special offers.

You can watch a lovely video by local company Chiswick Calendar about me preparing for a local event and read more about me, in Baby Buzz Magazine's 'Parent's in Business' and more recently, in out&about magazine

Finally, if you have any feedback then we would love to hear from you – please drop me a message on rowena@rosyrosie.com or write to me at 4 Larden Road, London W3 7ST

Many thanks, Rowena

* Rosie is my nickname given to me by school mates when I was four!